We, here at India Patent Foundation, believe in empowering innovators by transforming their innovative ideas into intellectual property. We achieve a two-fold goal by doing this. First, we serve the financial interests of the inventor, by outlining the monetary value to be gained via his patented idea. Second, we aim to improve the visibility of various technologies in India, and by patenting the various research and implemented ideas, we expose it to the entire country, thus helping in India’s technological development.

“India has made tremendous strides in its economic and social development in the past two decades and is poised to realize even faster growth in the coming years. We hold potential to become the leading knowledge based economy and, India Patent Foundation is one step towards achieving this dream. Being a Patent Attorney and helping inventors protect their intellectual assets, I take pride in my association with IPF and, dedicate my services towards creating an intellectual eco-sphere.” - Shivang (Patent Attorney)