We at India Patent Foundation believe that real innovation and research can only be promoted by safeguarding Intellectual Property and incentivizing the creators of the Intellectual Property. Monetary resources and industry knowledge constraints should not come in the way of innovators and researchers developing technology that simplifies life and paves the way for sustained growth.

We at India Patent Foundation possess an in depth knowledge of patent frameworks and processes and the ability to recognize patentable innovation while sifting through ideas. We take pride in seeing through an idea from its formative phase and guiding it along its way to becoming a patent. Our patent expertise ensures that novel, patentable inventions go through and the technicalities and intricacies of patent prosecution and analytics do not intimidate the inventor.

We claim no stake in the ownership of the Intellectual Property and believe that it rightfully belongs with the creator.

We continue to provide product development and monetization support leveraging our business and consumer insights. Our community of innovators, corporates and governmental agencies provide a unique networking opportunity to all the stakeholders. Innovators collaborate with mentors and experts to meaningfully accelerate invention.

Our focus is directed towards the brightest minds in India - students in premier technological universities, who are involved with writing thesis and/or publishing research papers. They are the foremost source of innovation in the country, and are mainly responsible for generating solutions in different technological areas. However, most of this innovation is done just for the sake of academic credits and the students don’t look beyond the scope of academics. We wish to change this situation and encourage students to patent their work.

Our second focus lies very near to our first one – the professors at such institutes who are actively involved with research work. Professors are arguably the best experts in their chosen field and thus most likely to contribute to new findings related to their subject. We wish to help them gain recognition as well as monetary benefits for the work that they have done. By patenting their work, we would like to raise their repute as well as that of the institute they are associated with.

Our third focus is on the ideas born in the mind of entrepreneurs. With the current trend of the upsurge of startups in India, the number of entrepreneurs is increasing rapidly. Most of these businessmen have new ideas that they wish to implement and market. We help protect them as well as their ideas from being copied or stolen by their competitors, by patenting them at the correct time. This also prevents new competitors from rising up against them and in the long run helps their company survive in the industry.

Our final focus is on the innovations occurring in rural India – the least tapped area in terms of intellectual property. The need of awareness about intellectual property is nowhere as great as it is in this part of the country. Not only this, but we believe that the priority of discovering and developing these innovations is also the highest, as these innovations mostly help in alleviating the problems in the most underdeveloped parts of the country. By patenting these innovative ideas, not only do we attain monetary benefit for the creator, but also expose these ideas so that they can be adapted and recreated in different parts of the world.

India Patent Foundation provides corporations and governmental agencies an opportunity to contribute to their social responsibilities in a way that promotes innovation in India. Corporations and governmental agencies that partner with us contribute towards creating a research and development environment that is IP-aware and IP-friendly. Safeguarding Intellectual property will go a long way in encouraging innovators and developing a technology friendly and technology driven economy.

While being in the driver’s seat of an IP and technology revolution, our partner corporations also enjoy a unique positioning to witness cutting edge developments and gain insights into the future of technology. India Patent Foundation opens up immense networking opportunities for all stakeholders- corporates, innovators and governmental agencies.

"Collaboration is important not just because it's a better way to learn. The spirit of collaboration is penetrating every institution and all of our lives. So learning to collaborate is part of equipping yourself for effectiveness, problem solving, innovation and life-long learning in an ever-changing networked economy." - Don Tapscott