Who we are

We are professionals with extensive experience in patent prosecution, analytics, litigation and patent procurement. We are driven by our common belief in the importance of patenting and IP awareness to ensure consistent innovation across technologies.

Our vision is to strengthen India’s technological prowess by enabling innovation and innovators and making them realize the power and value of patents. We strive to tap into India’s immense technological potential and by converting it to intellectual property, expose and develop it for the entire world to behold.

Our mission is to be an effective mechanism for stimulating innovators to realize the value of their invention by making them realize the monetary benefits attached to patents, as well as enabling them to share this invention with the rest of the world in an organized and secure manner.

As intellectual property specialists, we have in-depth knowledge of this field and are aware of its workings and idiosyncrasies. This places us in an unprecedented advantageous position of being able to influence India’s research and development sector. We believe it also imparts to us, a moral obligation to help leverage India’s resources and potential towards innovation driven technological growth, thus enabling us to stand witness to our dream of India emerging as a technological superpower - becoming a reality.